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Kitchen Respray Faq's

Pricing & Getting A Quote

The average cost to respray a kitchen in the UK is around £2000, based on the kitchen having 20-25 doors & drawer fronts including on site spraying.

The exact cost will be calculated based on the number of door, drawer fronts and any other items such as cooker hoods, wine racks etc.

These prices are based on professional Kitchen Respray Services which our kitchen respray prices are in line with.


Please email pictures of your kitchen to us at

We quote 99.9% of our work remotely, this allows us to provide you with a fast, accurate quote.

If you are within 10-15 miles of our head office in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire then a site visit may be able to be arranged.

If you are further away then unfortunately we wouldn’t be bale to offer a site visit.

Extra Services & Charges

All quotes are assembled on the basis of being sprayed in a single colour.

Additional colours are charged at £75 per colour which covers the additional paint mixing cost and for time taken to clean equipment between the use of 2 colours on site.


Yes, we can. 

The new handles need to be supplied to us on the 1st day onsite and the customer there to discuss exactly where on the doors / drawers the new handles are to be fitted. 

The team will mark the new handle positions on the doors and drawers. 

In the workshop the team will drill the new holes and fill the old holes from both sides with a 2 part wood filler and smooth the filler so that once resprayed the location of the old holes are not visible. 

There is a charge of £10 per door / drawer charge for this service.


We are often asked to spray the inside of kitchen cupboards.

We do recommend that a rubber or card mat is placed on the bottom of any frequently used cupboards – this simply protects the surface from abrasion when items are put into and taken out of the cupboard.

We are a kitchen spray painting specialist and specialise in the refurbishment of fitted kitchen cupboards – not general decorating.

If you would like to redecorate your kitchen then we recommend using a local painter and decorator.

We also recommend that the painter / decorator completes their work in your kictched before we start.

No, Unfortunately there isn’t a coating that is durable enough for use on a kitchen worktop available.

If your worktops are being replaced then it is important that we are the last trade into your kitchen. 

Colour Choices & Finishes

Our standard prices are for respray with a 10% sheen which is a matt finish, we can also provide a 30% satin finish.

We do not currently provide a gloss finish.

We use a specialist wood coating which can be color matched to any Farrow & Ball, Dulux or RAL colour.

Included in the cost is the use of one colour of your choice. A second colour comes with a £75 paint charge. 

There is no charge for colour matching farrow and ball, dulux or RAL colours – as our supplier has these colours pre matched.

RAL Colours

Farrow & Ball


Colours from other manufacturers can be matched at a cost of £75 per colour – the cost covers buying a sample, painting a new wooden door with the sample, taking to the coating manufacturer and the cost of their colour match service. 

We need your final colour choice two weeks before your kitchen respray booking.


The cost to respray your kitchen is around 25% of the cost of replacing and also comes with the benefit of much less disruption in your home. The other benefit is that you are upcycling your kitchen, helping the environment and saving money. 

When comparing respraying to replacing we firmly believe that it’s worth getting your kitchen sprayed.

If you care for your kitchen then the painted surface will last for approximately 10 years.

The paint used is a market leading, professional 1k solvent based paint which is very durable and long lasting.

Our service is a complete premium service, on the first visit to your home we will remove kitchen doors and drawer fronts to take back to our spray shop for professionally spraying. 

Once the doors are removed we will fully mask up all areas of your kitchen not being spray painted. We use masking tape, paper rolls and polythene to mask your kitchen. 

Once fully masked up we can then commence the final preparation of on site surfaces before spraying can commence. 

After the top coat has been applied and has dried we carry out a final inspection before removing the masking tape and paper. 

Your doors and drawers are then refitted ready for you to see your kitchen resprayed.

See more about the full kitchen respray process.

We use a Solvent based coating which is highly durable and can be cleaned using bleach based kitchen surface cleaners – unlike when a kitchen is sprayed using water based coatings. 

Solvent vs Water Based

Solvent Based 

  • Highly Durable and longest lasting coating available 
  • Can be cleaned using bleach 
  • Gives off fumes during application – like when painting gloss in your house. 

Water Based

  • No fumes
  • Nowhere near as long lasting as solvent based coatings
  • Can’t be cleaned using bleach based cleaning products without being marked

The process

For most kitchens we are able to complete the onsite work in your kitchen in just one working day.

You can use your kitchen as normal after we leave on the first day – doors and draw fronts will not be there but your kitchen will be perfectly useable.

We then take the doors and drawers away to prepare an spray them in our sprayshop.

It usually only takes a couple of hours to refit your doors and drawers fronts on the second visit.

If you have a larger kitchen or we run into problems with your kitchen materials, the primer, the coating r of course our equipment then the on site work may run into a second day. In which case we will aim to leave your kitchen use able in when we leave at the end of the first day – but it may be out of action until the end of the second day onsite.

We need the kitchen doors, drawers, plinths, pelmets, cornices and on top of wall units to be washed down to remove grease.

We recommend washing down with hot soapy water, or hot sugar soap water and a sponge.

We also ask that the kitchen worktops are clear of all items before we arrive (we are happy to assist on moving heavier items such as your microwave if required)

The only other this we ask is the the kitchen is clear for the day – please do not arrange for other tradesmen to be onsite while we are spraying your kitchen.


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