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Kitchen spray Painting process

How does the Kitchen Spray Painting process work?

We have a simple process from getting a quote through to completion of your resprayed kitchen.

  • Send us pictures showing all of the cupboards that are going to be sprayed
  • We provide a full written quote
  • We agree a date for the onsite works and the follow up visit 3-7 days later to re-fit the doors

Whats Included?

Preparation and spraying of both sides of the kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts along with preparation and spraying of all on site kitchen unit components that are visible when the doors and drawers are closed. 


Doors and drawer fronts are removed and taken to our spray shop for preparation and spraying and all on site components to be sprayed are sprayed in situ.

Kitchen Respray Specialists

Our Kitchen spray Painting Process In Your Kitchen

Drawing the plan of the customers kitchen before starting the kitchen respray

Creating A Plan & Numbering Doors, Drawers, Plinths & Hinges

When we arrive at your property we draw a detailed plan of your kitchen including the location of all items that are to be removed including cupboard doors, drawer fronts, plinths and even the hinges of each door!

The plan and numbering process is key to ensuring your kitchen is reassembled correctly and that each item goes back in its original position.

Masking the floor & kitchen cupboards


We use a range of specialist masking tapes, papers and sheeting to protect all surfaces not being sprayed. 

With a keen eye for detail our team apply masking tape to the edge of the surfaces to be sprayed, before enclosing the areas not being sprayed with masking papers.

The masking process a vital step in the process of transforming your kitchen.

Sanding & Final Preparation

All surfaces to be sprayed are sanded and any larger dings, dents, scrapes etc are filled before final sanding is carried out.

Once we have inspected the prepared areas and are happy to proceed we use air spraying technology to remove excess dust before tacking the surfaces to ensure a spec free finish!

Primer be applied to prepared kitchen cupboard surface

Application Of primer

We use top of the range Wagner airless, air assisted paint spraying technology in conjunction with market leading, solvent based kitchen coating.

The solvent based primer is applied to the prepared surfaces and cures in just 10-15 minutes – ready for a final sand to ensure an ultra smooth finish!

Sanding a primed kitchen to ensure an ultra smooth final finish

Sanding the primed surfaces

We achieve the smoothest possible finish by fine sanding between each layer of primer and top coat – removing any imperfections and ensuring the highest quality finish!

This, coupled with the use of the very best airless air assisted spraying technology allows us to provide you with a near factory perfect finish for your kitchen!

Applying topcoat to primed surface during the kitchen respray

Application Of Topcoat

Our solvent based specialist primer and topcoat cure in less than 20 minutes, allowing us to apply three coats of top coat after priming is complete. 

We use the leading wood coating on the market offering durability and a long lasting finish that will amaze you, your family and friends! The coating is a specialist wood coating, designed for use in kitchens where heat and humidity are present; the coating is also resistant to harsh bleach based,kitchen cleaning chemicals. 

Removing masking paper after application of primer and top coat is complete

Removing Masking Paper & Tape

We carefully peel away the masking paper and tape once the top coats have cured, revealing your on site kitchen transformation.

All waste paper is taken away for recycling as we always stove to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

What Happens To Your Doors In Our Sprayshop?

Filling & Sanding Doors, Drawers & Plinths

Doors are pre-sanded, inspected for any dings, dents or cracks which are filled as required before the items are air blown and tack clothed to remove any final dust.

Kictchen cupboard door being primed in booth

Priming Doors & Drawers For A Perfect Finish

Your doors, drawers and plinths are taken into our spray booth for airless, air assisted application of the primer – preparing your items for the top coat in the colour of your choice! 

Primed doors being sanded for ultra smooth finish

Sanding primed doors ready for topcoat

Your items are taken back to the preparation area for another sanding after the application of primer. This additional fine sanding stage helps ensure the prefect finish, everytime!

Topcoat being sprayed on a primed kitchen door

Application Of Top Coat

Back into the spray booth, this time for three applications of top coat.

The spray booth is equipped with market leading extraction technology to ensure a speck free finish!

QC Inspection

Final Inspection

No item leaves our spray shop without undergoing a final inspection under spotlight!

Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction and nothing less!


Wrapping For Transport

Your doors are wrapped in protective blankets ready to be loaded for their return journey to your home.

We take pride in protecting your doors from the moment they are removed, until the moment that are refitted.

Reinstalling doors after spraying

Reinstalling Doors & Drawers To Complete Your Kitchen spray Painting Project

We unwrap each door and rehang them one, by one.

Ensuring they are refitted with care and attention to detail, realigning hinges and drawer fronts as required – ensuring a final result that you will love!  

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