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What Is The Best Spray Paint On Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen Wall Unit Resprayed In Dulux White

You may be researching the best aerosol paint to use for respraying your kitchen? Or you may be checking which type of spray paint a professional spray painting company is going to use in your kitchen. 

If you are considering spray painting your kitchen yourself using aerosol paint then our advice is to stop right there – the finish will not live up to your expectations! 

If you are going to attempt to respray your own kitchen then get some used kitchen doors from ebay and practice painting them using Rust-Oleum Kitchen Cupboard Paint.

Aerosol Paints For Touching Up A Kitchen Cupboard

Touching up damage to a kitchen cabinet, door or drawer can be carried out successfully using Aerosol paints, as long as you know the correct RAL colour paint. You can order RAL coloured Aerosols from

You can also use Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch which is available from B&Q and other hardware stores. 

DIY Kitchen Respray vs Professional Kitchen Spray Painting

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch costs approximately £30 per square meter of area to be painted. You could paint the average kitchen for around £300 including kitchen paint and preparation materials. 

A professional spray painting service will cost approximately £60 per face (door, draw or end panel) along with additional charges for cornices, pelmets and plinths where applicable. 

The average kitchen sprayed by The Spray Painters costs £2000 plus vat.

If you are a pro at DIY then and have the time then the former is much more cost effective. 

If you are not so good at DIY, too busy to attempt to paint your own kitchen or simply want to pay for a professional service then The Spray Painters are here to help.

Things To Avoid When Considering Spraying Your Kitchen

Water & Oil Based Paints

Water and Oil based paints will not stand up to the test of time in a kitchen – especially when applied to plastic, acrylic and vinyl cabinet surfaces. 

If you use water and oil based paints on wooden cabinet doors you will need to through sand the cupboard doors before paints. The sanding process will remove the original protective coating applied by the manufacturer allowing your paint to adhere to the timber of the door.

2k Paints

2k Solvent based paints are used externally, usually for UPVC Window Spray Painting. 2k paints are made of 2 parts – the paint and a hardender. 

2k paints are only suitable for professional spray painters – not DIY users at home.


Some DIY kitchen paints say they are suitable for brushing. 

When you paint a wall with a paintbrush it always leaves brush lines. Kitchen unit paint is exactly the same. You can brush the paint onto your cupboard door and draw fronts, but do not expect a factory quality finish. 

The Professional Approach To Spray Painting Your Kitchen

If you’re reading this page then you are clearly considering respraying your kitchen cupboard doors, drawers, pelmets, plinths and cornices. 

We offer a range of service options for kitchen spray painting:

    1. You can deliver your kitchen doors and draw fronts to our spray shop for spraying and collect them once they have been professionally sprayed in the colour of your choice. 
    2. We come to your home, remove your doors and draw fronts. We take them back to our spray shop, spray them and the return to your home to re-install them. 
    3. As with option 2, but we also attend with our mobile spray equipment to spray your kitchen end panels, cornices, plinths and pelmets.


We spray paint your kitchen components in the market leading Morrells kitchen paints which can be colour matched to your exact requirements or ordered in any standard RAL colour.

Choose The Spray Painters For Kitchen Spraying In London & The Home Counties

Our professional kitchen spray painting service is not available nationwide, and is only available in London, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey & Berkshire.

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